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We allow each and every one to pay online with no credit card, digital wallet or bank account.


You can purchase our vouchers in the best cafes, tobacconists and stationeries widespread in Italy or online. No barriers to purchase, convert cash in digital vouchers at your fingertips.

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We give our customers the opportunity to buy online, on verified websites,with no worries. OnShop uses disposable PINs, with no personal data.


Anyone can shop online with OnShop and purchase products and services, with no bond and with no need for credit cards, digital wallets or bank accounts.

How does OnShop work?

  1. Find a cafè, a tobacconist or a stationery Punto LIS

  2. Buy an OnShop voucher: you will receive a receipt with disposable PIN that you must not share with third parties.

  3. Spend your vouchers on one of the several verified websites that accept OnShop as a payment method.

  4. Check your credit, continue your shopping or donate your change.

How does OnShop work?

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