About Us


OnShop was born in 2013 as a result of the success of the online purchase method: a voucher to buy products on the internet.

With the expansion of the online shopping market in Italy during 2020, OnShop has also evolved: new image, new website, new online stores.


OnShop becomes the first Digital Vouchers system: you purchase confidential and secure codes at a Punto LIS and spend them as cash to shop online. The first real Digital Voucher!

OnShop Digital Voucher is designed to be the first payment method for Customers and Vendors who have security as a priority in online purchases.

Given the nature of OnShop (a paper coupon with limited usability, which can be purchased in Punto LIS retailers and can only be used within a circuit of selected online Vendors), security has always been our strength.

Today OnShop is becoming more and more the reference point for those who want to make online payments safely. This is why many companies have become OnShop Partners and many others have applied.

Whether you are the owner of an e-commerce site or a Digital Voucher buyer, make your online shopping secure, use OnShop for sure!