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Buy the OnShop shopping voucher from €25 to €300 online or in a retailer

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Ask for an OnShop voucher

OnShop is available in denominations from €25 to €300. The retailer will find OnShop in the "Codice Acquisto" category

Choose one of the many verified websites that use OnShop as a payment method.

We are constantly working to expand our offer: many new brands available for you!

Enter your PIN and complete your online shopping

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OnShop Digital Cash is a bearer title that guarantees:

  1. Security

    A disposable PIN for your online shopping

  2. Privacy

    You don't have to communicate any personal or banking data

  3. Reliability

    The websites affiliated to the OnShop circuit are all verified

  4. Versatility

    You can use OnShop for yourself or send it as a gift

OnShop Digital Cash is a bearer title that guarantees:


Nobody knows your PIN

Never throw away your OnShop PIN before completing your purchases. For your security, nobody knows your PIN, so it's not possible to retrieve it.

If they ask you for your PIN, it's a scam

Do not communicate your PIN, even partially, to anyone. If they ask you for your PIN, it's a scam. The only permitted use is for purchases on affiliated websites.

Check the credit available

Check the credit available on your OnShop voucher at any time.

Choose to donate

If you have some credit left, you can combine it in a subsequent purchase with another OnShop voucher or choose to donate it to charity