Terms & Conditions - Definition

Voucher: Voucher or coupon released by the Issuer as a bearer coupon, functional to carrying out payments for products and / or services purchased by the User within the OnShop Circuit. The OnShop Voucher is a privative payment instrument, owned by the bearer, with limited usability, it is not rechargeable, it is issued in fixed denominations, it is not refundable, it does not give the right to receive change in FIAT money, it is not convertible into FIAT money, it is not electronic money;

Serial Number: is the unique identification number of an OnShop Voucher;

PIN: is the unique identification number of the value of an OnShop Voucher and represents the authorization code for making payments for the products and / or services purchased by the User within the OnShop Circuit;

Issuer: the subject (OnShop) which offers its Vouchers to the Users, guaranteeing the obligations deriving from the particular category to which the Vouchers belong to;

Merchant/Vendor: the subject which sells and / or supplies goods and / or services, even if it does not manufacture them. It is an online shop that has a memebership agreement with the OnShop Circuit;

User: The consumer who uses the OnShop Voucher to make payments for products and / or services purchased within the OnShop Circuit; Web Window: The web site (www.onshop.world/) representing the company’s online window;

E-commerce: The set of activities for the sale and purchase of products carried out via the Internet;

OnShop Circuit: limited circuit of online shops for the sale of products and / or services to which Vendors are affiliated through contracts, notary registration and physical connection to the OnShop platform;

Authorized Reseller: physical or digital economic unit dedicated to the public sale of OnShop Vouchers; Cost for the Service: cost of Euro 1.20 (VAT included, as per the rate of law in force) applied by the Authorized Reseller for the purchase of each Voucher, whatever the value of the denomination issued is;

TOTP: temporary password to verify and check the user's identity when the user uses the OnShop Voucher to make a payment for products and / or services purchased within the OnShop Circuit.

Terms & Conditions of Use

The OnShop Voucher is a "Limited Spending Privative Voucher", consisting of a paper or digital coupon (but always printable on paper), issued by an Authorized Reseller (see website www.onshop.world/, section "Buy OnShop") upon payment of the relative value at the time of its purchase; the voucher contains a confidential code (PIN) required for its use. It can be spent by the bearer, within the limits of the predefined economic amount purchased, exclusively on the network of affiliated Vendors (see website www.onshop.world/, "Use OnShop here" section) and physically connected to the limited OnShop network.

The Voucher can be used exclusively within the "OnShop Circuit", consisting of a network of affiliated Vendors (the "Acceptance Network"), who propose their offer of products and services - Italian and foreign - through web systems of e-commerce, affiliated with the Issuer for their promotion, through a special space (the "Web Window") on the website www.onshop.world/ and on the Vendors’ websites.

The Voucher is issued in fixed, non-refundable and non-rechargeable denominations; does not give the right to conversion or change in currency and allows the bearer to purchase goods and / or services exclusively within the OnShop Circuit.

The Voucher, distributed for a fee by Authorized Resellers (see website www.onshop.world/, section "Buy OnShop"), is combined with the predefined amount or denomination that can be spent by the bearer within the limits of the aforementioned predetermined value and without the possibility of recharging, at Vendors affiliated with the OnShop Circuit.

The Voucher is issued by the Authorized Resellers and shows the Issuer's data, the PIN code, the Serial Number, the expiry date and the economic value associated with the Voucher expressed in Euros. The Voucher has a maximum validity of one year from issuing, and in any case no later than the deadline indicated on the receipt which represents the date by which the user can spend the available amount.

The Voucher is valid at all the Vendors participating in the OnShop Circuit at the time of use, which can be consulted on the web window of the website www.onshop.world and limited to these.

For the purchase of goods and / or services from affiliated Vendors it is necessary: (i) to select OnShop as the payment method in the check-out phase during the purchase process on the Vendor's e-commerce platform connected to the digital network infrastructural systems of the Issuer; (ii) enter the Voucher PIN code in the web window displayed during the payment process; (iii) enter the mobile phone number to receive the temporary control password (so-called TOTP) via SMS; (iv) enter the temporary control password (so-called TOTP) received via SMS. The purchase amount is thus deducted from the credit available on the Voucher.

The payments made reduce, from time to time, the sum available to the User, until it is exhausted; any positive balance will remain available on the Voucher for subsequent uses. The OnShop Voucher cannot be recharged and the remaining credit cannot be refunded. There is no interest on the credit, nor are there any additional commissions on the indicated value, except for the Cost for the Service.

If the remaining balance of the Voucher is not sufficient to fully pay for the purchase, the difference can be paid using other Vouchers through transactions which are separate and identifiable from the Issuer's digital network infrastructure systems. The Voucher can be used by anyone who is the bearer: it is therefore not personal and can be donated or given to third parties. Each Voucher has a unique identification Serial Number assigned by the Issuer.

OnShop IS NOT:
• A Payment Service
• Electronic Currency, nor Cyber Currency
• Electronic Money

OnShop is a Limited Spending Privative Voucher:
• Non-rechargeable
• Non-cumulative
• Non-refundable
• Doesn’t give the right to receive change in currency

To purchase or use the Voucher, it is not required to be over 18, nor to have a bank account as the credit is represented by the amount paid by the bearer at the time of purchase.

The completion of the purchase of goods and / or services with the Voucher through a supply by the contracted Vendor is an operation distinct from the purchase of the OnShop Voucher. Any liability of the Issuer is therefore excluded for flaws, discrepancies, defects, delays in delivery or any dispute concerning the goods and / or services purchased with the use of the Voucher, for which the User must contact the affiliated Vendor or directly the manufacturer, according to the legislation in force.