Make online payments within everyone's reach.



From now on, anyone can make payments and shop online with no need for credit cards, digital wallets or bank accounts.


OnShop is close to you. You can purchase our vouchers anyway on the Italian territory, in authorized cafes, tobacconists and stationeries.

Privacy and Security

OnShop is the most secure method to shop online as you don't need to share any personal data. No risk of fraud or personal data theft.

About Us

OnShop is the first method of payment allowing for online purchasings and payments with no need for credit cards, digital wallets or bank accounts.
Our vouchers can be purchased with cash and guarantee to anyone the opportunity to buy products and services online.

OnShop vouchers can be purchased in thousands of retailers all over the Italian territory or online .
Our people, our great talents, are committed every day to increase the affiliated and verified websites to guarantee the Customers with an easy and positive experience.

OnShop supporting the nonprofit organizations

We are committed to supporting organizations that promote nonprofit projects. Together, a small gesture of solidarity can become a great contribution.


Don't miss the future

"We started from what was necessary and made it possible. Now, we want to do the impossible.

We want a world where everything is accessible to everyone.

We want a world without inequality, without discrimination.

We want an inclusive and innovative world.

We want a world that is simple and safe.

We are pioneers and innovators. We break down barriers and chart new paths for those who until now could not. We make the digital world accessible to everyone. Don't be afraid to explore it."